IBM Software Premiere Club



Root Cause Analysis Dissatisfaction with:

Marketing Communications: Actual Versus Relevant


Voice of Customer Research

Voice of Customer Guidance

Business Goal

  1. Retain and grow existing high value software (SW) customers by delivering a consistent, cohesive strategy message:
    • Immediate 2% improvement in satisfaction with Communications / sustained positive trend
    • 1st year increase SW spend by member companies by 10% over customers in the general population
    • Zero defection to competition


  1. Use Relationship Marketing framework to ensure the retention of large enterprises as IBMs SW customers:
    • Use targeted messaging based on Opt-In interest profile information
    • Establish and nurture relationships with business department heads
  2. Establish inbound customer advocate channels
    • Special members-only route to technical assistance / by country
    • Direct contact with IBM executives through online forums / in language
  3. Deliver an audience of qualified prospects to product groups via customer profiles / and a centralized marketing framework
    • Assist field in shortening sell cycle by 3 mos. - from 18 Mos. to 15 Mos.
  4. Enable Peer-to-Peer knowledge sharing online
    • Enable social opportunities and knowledge sharing among customers
    • Self-help


IBM - Monthly Emails

Four Levels of Personalization

Ibm Web Experience

Customer Opt-In Profile Data Collection:

Integrated Media Strategies

Coverage Strategies

Content Relevance



$310,000,000 in incremental revenue

  • Goal: $50K incremental per account target
  • Achieved: $300K per account

90% member satisfaction achieved over six quarters

  • Premier Club highest overall level of satisfaction compared to 60% for all competitors

35% of members said they made purchases of IBM software products they would not have otherwise considered

  • Up from 28% and 15% in two prior surveys

28% increase in Opt-In membership in 12-months

  • Opt-Out less than 1% against total audience