5 Steps for True Customer Engagement
...and 35 Action Items


Marketing strategies and messaging which have not been recalibrated within the past 24 months are out-of-sync with the market place.

This new white paper will provide you detailed information regarding how to recalibrate your marketing with the new marketplace realities, how to keep your strategies in sync with the priorities of demanding, engaged consumers whose loyalty, and advocacy, is more essential to your organization than ever before.

The five steps are the result of what we have learned over many years of helping clients such as Microsoft, IBM, NBC Universal and many Growth companies to engage with their customers and achieve double-digit increases in both revenue and response rates.

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New Book Release: Voice Of The Customer Marketing
"Ernan's book is a timely prescription for helping companies create customer trust and loyalty. This book is rich in practical steps to help organizations increase their long-term profits in a sustainable way."
—John Hunter
EVP Customer Fulfillment Services, QVC
"Ernan Roman shows us how to listen to customers and improve our understanding of their preferences. This book is extremely valuable and provides a process that guarantees higher revenue relationships with today's demanding customers."
—Ida Rivière Le Quement
Relationship Marketing Manager, Post Denmark