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Last week’s DMA Annual Conference in Chicago was exciting, thought provoking and…offered access to great Chicago Blues clubs for the evenings.

I’ve asked some thoughtful marketers to share their top takeaways from the conference. You will see their 12 Tips and Takeaways below.

My two takeaways:

  • Takeaway #1: Many sessions addressed multichannel marketing and the need for multi-touch campaigns. That’s a good thing.

    However, very few addressed the necessity of obtaining customer’s / prospect’s Opt-In preferences and using this information to drive relevant multichannel touches.

    Unless we obtain the offer, messaging and media preferences of individuals, we will only achieve higher levels of multichannel irritation! This is not progress.

  • Takeaway #2: True Opt-In is still widely misunderstood. Most attendees seem to view “Opt-In” as opting-in to e-mail or e-newsletters.

    Opt-In should be practiced as an active, conscious opt-in to:

    • For Prospects: The exchange of relevant and personalized information as the prospect has defined it.

    • For Customers: Building an increasingly relevant dialogue based on the marketer responding to the individual preferences of the customer.

    Customers and Prospects will opt-in in large numbers in response to meaningful value added offers, (see our Microsoft SB+ Case Study, 40%+ opt-in rates click here)

For 12 Tips and Takeaways from Annual Conference, please read below.

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12 Tips and Takeaways from DMA Annual
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MicrosoftYvonne Brandon
Group Manager, Global Partner Community Strategy
Microsoft Corporation

Tip 1: There are five steps that every Word of Mouth marketing campaign should include:
  • Talkers: Find people who will talk
  • Topics: Give those people something to talk about
  • Tools: That give the talkers a way to distribute their discussions around your products, services or brand
  • Taking Part: Joining the discussion in a way that keeps the discussion going
  • Tracking: Ground the discussion in solid measurements.
Tip 2: The four basic strategies for marketers looking to use social networks as part of their marketing strategy are:
  • Look, listen and learn (from those discussions that are taking place about your products, services or brand)
  • Advertise on big social networking portals – behavioral targeting
  • Advertise on smaller niche social networking sites that are relevant to your product, service or brand
  • Build your own social networking site if you have a non-selling service to provide your community.
Tip 3: Search is the fastest growing segment in the internet world. This is because it does not represent a marketing interruption and yields exactly what the user is looking for. It also allows us as marketers to be there when the consumer is interested in what we have to say.

Publishers Clearing House
Debbie Holland
Executive VP Creative Strategy and Communications
Publishers Clearing House

Tip 4: Offer Relevance: Tailoring products and promotions to customer preferences.

Tip 5: Responsible Marketing: Informing customers about list rental and other promotion practices and offering them the opportunity to opt out.

Tip 6: Customer Experience: Putting yourself in the customer’s place to ensure the entire experience with your company is high quality and enhances emotional attachment to the brand.

Pace University
Harvey Markovitz
Clinical Assistant Professor, Marketing Department
Direct & Interactive Marketing
Pace University

Tip 7: Integrated interactive marketing is the key to the success of any campaign.

Tip 8: How to use ROI on campaign metrics is critical.

Tip 9: The DMEF educator’s conference (Saturday and Sunday) should be more publicized to bring the value of academic research and teaching to the practical world of marketers; get more practitioners involved with the academics so that we might be able to create the next generation of “sharp” DMers. “Give back time” as Lester Wunderman taught us is a requirement of us all.

Erick Mott
Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications

Tip 10: Many people at DMA07 do not understand the power of email marketing and communications to achieve acquisition, transaction and retention objectives in the context of multichannel strategy. For example, email to a qualified, opt-in list to drive webinar registrations works quite well as part of an integrated prospecting strategy. And the webinar itself is created in real-time as a result of people from all corners of the world contributing to a live conversation with interest, knowledge, questions and interactive polls.

Tip 11: The Internet should be at the center of all B2B and B2C marketing strategies given cost, ubiquity, interactivity, transactional and community benefits it enables. Further, online experiences are going mobile now with millions of people worldwide connecting to data, applications, people, and experiences from where ever and when ever they choose. The Internet, Web 2.0 and mobility provides a whole new set of channels (proven and emerging) that marketers should explore and integrate to build relationships with customers, partners, prospects, etc.

Tip 12: Regardless of which media mix marketers choose to invest in and operate with –– success and longevity comes from applying “discipline” to set the bar higher than the competition, and then to maintain a level of consistency and execution that satisfies expectations over time.

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We wish you the best of luck in using the Voice-of-Customer-driven 3-Step Marketing Process to achieve double-digit response.

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