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Ernan RomanThis economy has profoundly changed buyer’s priorities and expectations.

In this issue of Relationship Marketing Insights, I would like to share 8 new findings from our Voice of Customer Relationship Research which will help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing in these challenging times.

These findings are based on recent Voice of Customer research conducted with both consumer and business buyers.

We will be discussing these new trends during the upcoming NY DM Days conference in two in-depth sessions:

Arrow June 17th,1:30-2:30, concurrent session, “The New Marketing:  Proven Guidelines for Using Opt-In Techniques to Deepen Customer Engagement and Increase Sales 35%”
Arrow June 18th, 9:30-12:45, intensive workshop; “Increase Sales 35% to 75% Using the Proven 3-Step Relationship Marketing Process”

8 Insights Regarding the Current Environment
Following are 8 important insights based on recent Voice of Customer research with business and consumer buyers regarding the current economic environment:

Arrow Disposable income / budgets are continuing to shrink.
Arrow Consumer confidence continues to decline.
Arrow Given these factors, expectations of a quality customer experience have significantly increased.
Arrow In this prolonged tough economy, people have come to expect a decent level of Customer Satisfaction. This is viewed as a minimum competency and no longer differentiates a company.
Arrow Customer Engagement and Relationship have become the powerful new factors which impact likelihood to remain a customer and re-purchase. Relationship strength has 12 times more influence on retention and repeat purchases than Satisfaction.
Arrow Expectations for proactive customer engagement and targeted / relevant communications have increased.
Arrow Willingness to opt-in and self profile preferences to enable companies to send targeted communications and offers is at an all time high.
Arrow Companies that engage in Opt-In based relationships are viewed as being more socially responsible than competitors.

Unique Opportunity for Marketers
The combination of tough economy and increasing consumer demands provide a unique opportunity for marketers to shift from traditional “Spray and Pray” marketing blasts to more effective and socially responsible Opt-In driven communications and relationships.

Per the results of the innovative companies listed below, these Opt-In strategies result in significantly improved marketing ROI and consistent double-digit response rates.

However, this requires a profound shift in thinking. Marketers need to change traditional “push marketing” practices and instead, respect customers and prospects by asking them to Opt-In and define their unique requirements in response to meaningful value propositions presented by the marketer. As a result of this dialogue, customers populate your opt-in database with uniquely detailed, actionable information.

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Shifting to an Opt-In Driven Marketing Process

4 Steps for shifting to Opt-In Marketing:

Arrow Voice of Customer Research insights provide the customer driven requirements for deeper customer engagement so they Opt-In and self-profile their preferences.
Arrow Customers Opt-In and self-profile their: needs, decision making process, and offer, message, timing and media preferences.
Arrow This detailed information is the basis of your powerful, uniquely accurate, proprietary Opt-In database.
Arrow Customers become actively engaged in contributing to, and defining their relationship with your company.

This process requires operational precision in managing offers and communications per individual customer requirements. Given marketer’s traditional reliance on “Spray and Pray” marketing, this will initially be challenging.

However, the payoff will be your ability to:

Arrow Achieve consistent double-digit response rates
Arrow Change the customer experience:
Arrow From unsolicited communications that may have little relevance
Arrow To…solicited communications that arrive with the expectation of value.

Important reminder:

Opt-in is not about passively agreeing to receive e-mail.

It’s about actively opting-in to a relationship and self-profiling customer’s preferences and aversions.

Results You Should Expect
You should expect to generate significant increases in response and consistent double-digit response rates.

Examples of results achieved by innovative clients include:

Arrow Microsoft: Small Business+ Relationship Strategy
Arrow Exceptionally high opt-in rates; 40% to 70%+, worldwide
Arrow Click-through rates up to 75%
Arrow Spending by members significantly exceeds non-members.
Arrow Progressive Hydraulics, Inc.: Results surpassed all previous baselines:
Arrow 10x increase in qualified attendees to lead generation events
Arrow 63% New leads, contacts and locations
Arrow 82% Opted-In to receive the PHI e-newsletter.
Arrow Within the first 90 days of implementing VOC-research driven strategies:
Arrow 10x increase in qualified attendees to lead generation events
Arrow 16% increase in new customers
Arrow 16% increase in repeat purchases
Arrow 13% increase in on-site sales
Arrow 75% increase in newsletter-driven sales.
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The time is right to shift from traditional, inefficient “Spray and Pray” blasts to more effective, Opt-In driven marketing which generates consistent double-digit response rates and increased customer lifetime value.

I hope to see you at our sessions at DM Days, (for more information, see the box at the beginning of this newsletter). If you are planning to attend, please let me know so we can make time to speak.

With best wishes,


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We wish you the best of luck in using the Voice-of-Customer-driven 3-Step Marketing Process to achieve double-digit response.

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