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Insights from Ernan regarding double-digit Increases in lead conversion, plus, thoughts regarding who is at the center of the universe.
Webinar to help you achieve double-digit increases in lead conversion.
Article titled, “Who is at the Center of the Marketing Universe?
Ernan Roman Wanted to tell you about two important items to help you improve your marketing.
First, you can still access the recent Target Magazine webinar I participated in, titled, “Follow that Lead! Best Practices and New Tricks for Lead Nurturing Programs.” I explain how Voice of Customer driven strategies are helping marketers significantly improve both the quality
of leads and lead conversion rates. The case study details how a financial services institution increased lead conversion by 88%.
Over 500 people registered for the webinar and 95% rated it valuable or extremely valuable. Click here to access the webinar.
Second, we were honored to be invited to contribute an article to DMA’s thought leadership publication Point. The theme of this issue is “The Global Marketplace: Can We All Live Together?” I hope you will find my article thought provoking. It is titled “Who is at the Center of the Marketing Universe?”
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Point, A DMA Publication
Who is at the Center of the Marketing Universe?  
o answer the question “Is it still think global/act local?” we must first acknowledge that, thanks to advances in technology, global is now often essentially identical with local. The connections we can now make in the virtual world create new kinds of communities – communities that transcend geography.
In today’s astonishingly connected environment, the center of our world as marketers is now, inescapably, the individual customer. And thanks to the customer’s access to cell phones, the Internet, and social media, expectations for an empowered, engaged relationship with the marketer are getting stronger by the day.
Four hundred years ago this year, there unfolded an event of profound importance to marketers who must make this transition.
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In 1610, the astronomer Galileo shocked the authorities with carefully documented findings that proved it was not the earth that was at the center of the universe, as the most knowledgeable experts of the time supposed, but in fact, the sun. It took many years for this finding to become accepted as fact.
Marketers have been in a similar state of denial regarding who is at the center of their own universe. They have long insisted that they are at the center. Marketers have not been particularly quick to realize that over the past 50 years a revolution has occurred, one that has forever changed the balance of power between seller and buyer.
A revolution has changed the balance of power between seller and buyer.This revolution has its roots in 1960s “power to the people” social activism, and has manifested itself in the largest demonstration of grass roots empowerment in American history – the National Do Not Call Registry. Over 76 percent of Americans have expressed their control over the marketing process by listing over 191 million numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. That’s pretty remarkable, considering that only about 50 percent of eligible voters normally cast a ballot for president of the United States!
The Internet and social media are only the latest tools of the now-unstoppable revolution, by which consumers claim their rightful place as masters of the universe, and the sun around which marketers must revolve.
Yet, for most marketers, the recognition of the shift in power is still taking place. One need only view recent ads from the Super Bowl, or the majority of websites, to see how “me, the marketer”- focused, as opposed to “you, the customer”- focused the messages remain.
Universal Expectations
Our consultancy has conducted over 95 Voice of Customer Relationship research efforts to help clients such as Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, NBC, and a variety of younger high-growth companies, gain a better understanding of the expectations of customers and prospects for higher quality relationships.
Many of these Voice of Customer research efforts involve interviews with decision-makers around the world. Based on these findings, it has become clear to us that, regardless of geography, today’s decision-makers have very consistent expectations of marketers.
Consumers worldwide have four emerging expectations of marketers:
1. Insatiable Hunger for Information – This represents an opportunity both terrifying and appealing for marketers. Consumers who used to get into information overload because most of it was being “pushed” by marketers, and was therefore of limited relevance, are now inclined to keep searching for additional information they consider interesting and useful. This curiosity, unsettling though it may be at first, is actually a wonderful development. It enables us to engage in ongoing conversations with customers and prospects in ways that will educate them as to what they want or demand – in the real-time world of social media.
2. Voice of Customer Driven Relationships – where the will and wisdom of customers drives the communications, offers, and customer experience across all points of customer contact.
3. Reciprocity of Value – Recognition on the part of customers that in order to receive or access increasingly relevant information, they must share increasing amounts of information regarding their preferences.
  Assuming that they trust the marketer and see a useful value proposition, decision-makers (in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer worlds) are increasingly willing to opt-in, self-profile, and share significant amounts of personal and business information.
  This is a wonderful example of the growing Reciprocity of Value: marketers offer to provide value based on increasingly relevant information and offers. If consumers trust and value that marketer, they will share detailed preference information. This is a true win/win. However, woe to the marketer who creates this expectation and then fails to deliver!
4. Three-Dimensional Website Experiences – Websites must now provide a three-dimensional experience that engages the customer, and abandon the current one-dimensional corporate “me”-oriented Web experience pushed by marketers. The three dimensions of experience which have been articulated in our Voice of Customer research efforts include, in order of importance:
  • Provide access to peers, for the most trusted information
  • Provide access to relevant industry and consumer experts
  • Provide easier and faster access to the corporation
New Global Perspectives
Let’s look at some points of view from experts in different companies and countries.
Professor Barrett Hazeltine, the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Brown University, shares this view of the global market place…
Ole Stangerup, Relationship Marketing Officer with Express A/S in Denmark, shares these thoughts…
Garry Dawson, Advertising and Direct Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard, Americas, offers this view…
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We wish you the best of luck in using the Voice-of-Customer-driven 3-Step Marketing Process to achieve double-digit response.

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