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Ernan Roman Last week’s DM Days was one of the most exciting, high energy and best attended DM Days conferences in recent memory. There were many valuable sessions and attendees from around the world who had important things to say.
Following are my Top 5 Takeaways from the conference:
#1. Social Media is not Necessarily “Social”:
arrow The value of social media is increasingly defined by a relevant, not a social network.
arrow Social media networks are created by people to filter and find relevant information.
arrow It is also not an explicit opt-in to receive “targeted” marketing.
arrow It presents marketers a unique opportunity to “listen” to the market-place conversations and either listen only, or participate in appropriate ways.
#2. Multichannel Integration is Still a Challenge:
arrow The addition of Digital media to the mix reminds us that basic multichannel integration is still not a core competency for most marketers.
arrow Product silos, turf, and politics continue to result in dis-integrated marketing.
arrow Furthermore, deploying media per the Opt-In preferences of individual customers and prospects is being practiced by very few.
arrow Deploying multiple media without customer's media and message preferences is just multimedia irritation!
#3. Three Levels of Trust are Required:
arrow Marketers need 3 Levels of Trust:
1. Trust the “Voice of Your Customer” via research and ongoing feedback, to guide you in developing true Relationship Marketing strategies.
2. Trust the strength of your brand and value proposition, to encourage large numbers to respond when you ask them to Opt-In and define the value, messaging and offers they want from you. Innovators such as Microsoft have achieved opt-in rates of 70% + worldwide.
3. The points above assume that you have total trust and confidence in the value and competitive differentiation of your product. This is clearly a pre-requisite.
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# 4. Consumers now are in control. Marketers must re-think traditional “CRM” strategies:
arrow Must shift from transactions with customers based on immediate term sales, to value delivery and engagement in those long stretches between the sales.
arrow This will require a complete re-thinking of “CRM” strategies.
arrow Must shift from the current emphasis on Customer Relationship Management / Manipulation to...
arrow Emphasize the “Customer” and “Relationship” and change from “Management” to “Marketing”...since any time you “manage” relationships...they don’t achieve their potential.
#5. Engaging customers in deeper levels of relationships will result in significantly increased revenue and LTV:
arrow Relationships based on Opt-In preference-driven offers, messaging, and media mix generate consistent double-digit increases in response and sales and outperform traditional “Spray and Pray” blasts.
arrow Leaders such as Microsoft, MSC Industrial Direct, and HMS Financial are engaging in deeper customer relationships and consistently achieve sales increases in excess of 20% versus traditional marketing results.
I hope these marketing insights are helpful to your marketing re-engineering efforts.
With best wishes,
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We wish you the best of luck in using the Voice-of-Customer-driven 3-Step Marketing Process to achieve double-digit response.

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