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Integrating “New” Media Into Your Mix

Case Study: e-Marketing Innovations at Hewlett-Packard

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As the number of “new” media options increases, so does the need for multichannel integration between the “old” and “new” media.

However, media integration is only part of the answer. Given how strongly people react to certain media, it is essential to understand their individual media preferences / aversions.

The only accurate way to get this information is via their opt-in self-profiled preferences.

This unique information should populate your opt-in database and be used to drive relevant and targeted multichannel marketing, deployed per individual preferences.

Using multiple media can also present a messaging challenge. If media are managed separately, with minimal coordination between a company’s new and traditional media efforts, the result for customers is often confusion and inconsistent messaging.

Integration is vital to the efficiency of your strategy, whether you are building awareness or driving sales. When all of your media are working together, you will achieve double-digit results!


Integrated Direct Marketing (IDM®) is the process for the precision integration of both traditional and new media and channels. With technology moving at a breakneck speed, more and more new media are emerging and changing the marketing landscape. Some of these new media include:

  • Search: Gives users quicker access to information they are looking for. Much has been written on this topic.

  • RSS feeds: Allows a person to opt-into receiving specific categories of information. People need to be educated regarding its benefits and limitations.

  • Blogs: Great mechanism for obtaining feedback from customers. They are also becoming important vehicles for achieving interpersonal communication with customers. In one recent focus group, we heard participants talk about how they think blogs come the closest to duplicating the in-person customer-company relationship.

  • Word of Mouth/Social Networking: Communications between people outside a business about the business or its products and services. It allows for powerful recommendations regarding the virtues of a great experience or find.

    Online communities are emerging as powerful marketing tools;

    In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, LiveWorld Chairman Peter Friedman explained that online communities are “deeper into creating an immersive branding experience.” He also stated that Live World “did a study with McKinsey which showed that people who participate in an online community, if it is done well, return to a site nine times as often and five times as long...that is a 45 times increase in loyalty.”

®IDM is a registered trademark of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing

Case Study: e-Marketing Innovations at Hewlett-Packard

The Challenge:

HP wanted to improve response and ROI on their Technology at Work e-newsletter. They began by testing different versions of the newsletter to 13 segments of the house file.

The test worked, with response rates rising somewhat. But, so did editorial costs. HP wondered how could they get better response rates to offers to its house file without the extra costs associated with so much customized content?

The Learnings:

HP held usability labs in both Denver and San Francisco to ask recipients to look over the emails. Their three biggest lessons:

Lesson #1: Job responsibilities drive content interest far more than industry vertical, or organization. People identify more with their job title (i.e. “I'm a CIO”) than they do with their organization or its industry vertical. If you're going to segment, first try it by title.
Lesson #2: Most people will click on an offer to help them please their customer...but their “customer” may not be the organization’s target market. For example, a Systems Administrator for a large financial services firm said his customer was, “The Mutual Funds Department, of course!“ instead of mutual fund buyers. The customer may be external or internal.
Lesson #3: No recipient will ever examine your email as carefully as you do. Instead of reading, recipients tend to glance over email, skimming lightly for words or images that catch their attention.

In response to these findings, instead of investing more in newsletter creative, HP decided to switch to segmented demand-generation campaigns. These were one-off offers Marketing already routinely broadcast independent of monthly newsletters.

HP named the new email test program: Target & Simplify.

How can you be more targeted and more simplified at the same time? The team focused on three specific areas of improvement.

Area #1: Target and simplify copy.

The content and offers were personalized based on job function and purchasing history.

For example, software buyers were divided into several groups. Copy for Innovators stated, “We know you want your system to be the best it can be...” while copy for Laggards stated, “You have a bandaged type solution and may be losing cost efficiency...”
Area #2: Simplify email response landing pages.

HP removed the registration pre-requisites for some white papers, and pre-populated the remaining registration form with the person’s information. Information for downloads was based on what HP already knew about the customer’s system, and added very targeted “hero shot” graphics per each offer or audience segment instead of general demographics.
Area #3 Simplify email opt-in forms.

HP greatly streamlined their online registration forms, reducing the original copy from 175 words to 15 words, 20 required fields to 6 required fields, and 12 white paper offers to only 2 offers.
These changes drove an increase in response rates of 300% to 1,000%. The revised registration form had dramatic impact, with conversion from “visitors” to “registrants” increasing from 2% to 31%!

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In our last issue, we discussed the power of leveraging all the elements of the multichannel mix per customer’s opt-in preferences. In this issue, we will discuss the need to integrate the “new” media into the overall mix. There is also a breakthrough case study detailing 6 insights which helped Hewlett-Packard increase it’s e-marketing response 300% – 1,000%.

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