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Spacer Leveraging Your Integrated Multichannel Mix to Achieve Double Digit Results!

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CASE STUDY: Leveraging Your Integrated Multichannel Mix to Achieve Double Digit Results!
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Our thanks to Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, VP Government Marketing Group, Computer Associates (CA), for preparing this important case study.

The Foundation – a Solid Strategy

In 2005, CA, formally known as Computer Associates, organized a vertical marketing team with the responsibility of increasing brand recognition and revenue with the US Federal Government. Based on market research, we decided to focus first on IT security – a major driver for the US Government.

Program goals:

  • Establish CA as a market leader in the security solution space
  • Increase market share in Federal Market
  • Influence purchase decisions and increase sales.

What does the Customer Want?

Our first focus was to define the value proposition. Once we had established and tested our value prop, we turned our attention to the integrated multichannel mix. First we looked at customers and where they were in the buyer’s journey, and then we mapped specific elements to their position:

  Steps in the Buyer’s Journey   Marketing Element
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 1.  Unaware of CA as a security solutions provider spacer Branding and Awareness
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 2.  Aware of potential security threats and interested in hearing more about
security solutions
  Demand Generation
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 3.  Understands CA has a solution for their specific security problem   Lead Generation
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 4.  Has identified the problem, is looking for a solution, and is interested in CA as a provider   Sales

Getting a customer from one phase of the journey to the next requires specific tactics. As outlined in Illustration #I, we achieved this by looking at the multiple ways to get our message to a specific audience and where they were in the journey.

Multi-channel Chart

Building an Integrated Multichannel Mix
Based on research, we knew that CA was not well known as a security solutions provider in the Federal marketplace. So, we first built a branding campaign, with a focus on print and radio advertising. The print advertising was targeted to readers of the federal trade publications – Federal Computer Week, Government Computer News, and Government Security News. The response to the Federal Security Management Print ad was higher than the industry standard for the Federal Market with an aided recall rate of 20%, compared to >5% for other IT vendors. Further, we had a consideration to buy security solutions rate of over 35%.

To support the print advertising, we built targeted security management radio ads. The ads were placed on those stations most popular with our targeted customers – IT professionals who worked for the federal government – WTOP and WMAL.

In addition to advertising, we integrated our marketing activities with Public Relations. We worked with Public Relations to conduct a series of media tours and interviews to showcase our thought leadership and solutions. We also distributed relevant security management white papers to targeted reporters and editors – increasing our mindshare in areas of core offerings. The result? We increased our mentions in the press by 200%.

Demand Generation
The call to action for the branding efforts was a white paper focused on CA’s leadership in the security management space. Delivery of the white paper took many forms, from direct mail to a landing page listed in all forms of the advertising.

Marketing to the US government has some very unique challenges. First, methods that work on the commercial side – such as traditional direct mail – must be altered for Federal Customers. For instance, due to the 2001 Anthrax attacks, it is challenging to use standard direct mail as a tactic. However, we needed the impact of the mail, so we sent thought leadership white papers directly to the C-suite using overnight mail. The rate of response for this part of the campaign was a phenomenal 20%.

We also targeted sponsorships at security specific conferences, with an eye towards gaining speaking slots. With engagements secured at the top Federal security shows, we rolled out our subject matter experts who introduced CA’s strategy for security management. The results were a series of follow-up meetings – with both the press and potential customers – that allowed for in-depth discussion regarding our solutions.

Lead Generation
As we moved prospects through the buyer’s journey, we drove them towards traditional lead generation activities. We conducted a number of webcasts, a few solution specific seminars, and worked with our media partners to create online tradeshows and eSeminars.

Lastly, we focused on banner advertising, coupled with a campaign specific landing page, in targeted on line publications. Placement included management and product sites such as,,, and With targeted messaging and focus on IP addresses that fit our customer segmentation data, we were able to achieve a higher than average CTR of .36%.

Double Digit Results!
Summary of the double-digit results from this integrated multichannel campaign:

Direct Mail

  • Response rate of 20% to Overnight USPS mailings of white paper with personalized letter

Online Banner Ads and Newsletters

  • Generated 10M responses at .36% CTR (Industry standard
    CTR = .08% - .12%). This was 33% over Industry average!


  • Recall response rate of 20% vs. >5% for competitors
  • Over 46% of respondents felt the ad was relevant and increased positive perception of CA
  • 35% stated that they would consider buying from CA when looking for security solutions


  • 94% stay-through-rate and was rated in the top 10% of webcasts
  • Email invitation to webcast had a 50% conversion rate from click to registration Sales


  • 130% increase year-over-year on security products
  • Pipeline increase of $21 Million.

K. EdmondsonCase Study Prepared by:
Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe VP,
Government Marketing Group
Computer Associates

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I recently had the opportunity to experience the hospitality and warmth of the Greek people in Athens and Santorini.

As the guest of the Hellenic Postal Service, I delivered a keynote titled, “The Power of Direct Mail Within the Integrated Media Mix” at the 2nd Direct Mail Marketing Forum.

My wife Sheri and I were also able to spend a few days on the island of Santorini – one of the most beautiful and magical places we have ever seen.

The focus of my keynote was the power of direct mail within the integrated multichannel mix.

It is alarming that so many companies have been seduced by the siren song of “faster / cheaper” e-mail.

Direct mail, when integrated into the mix can achieve response rates significantly greater than e-mail. So, unless your markets are vast and you don’t care about yield and penetration, I urge you to take a fresh look at the power of direct mail. Measuring a program’s effectiveness primarily on the basis of ROI is misleading without factoring in yield and market penetration.

Our featured case study from Computer Associates (CA) is an excellent example of a beautifully integrated multichannel program. By the way, direct mail pulled a 20% response!

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With best wishes for joyous and happy holidays!

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