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The Voice-of-the-Customer 3-Dimensional Web Experience

by Thorin McGee

Consumer research has revealed that customers want a different kind of web experience than they're getting, according to Ernan Roman, president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, author of the forthcoming "Voice of the Customer Marketing" and co-author of “Opt-In Marketing.”

Roman’s firm has engaged in two years of specialized “voice of the customer” (VoC) one-on-one indepth research to help B-to-B and B-to-C clients zero-in on how their target consumers want to engage with companies. This research revealed what Roman calls, a “transformation in what B-to-B and B-to-C decision makers expect from web sites.”

One of Roman's conclusions from the research is that, "websites must now provide a three-dimensional experience that engages the customer and abandons the current one-dimensional, corporate, 'me'-oriented web experience." He says those three levels of web experience, in order of importance, are:

1. Provide access to peers, for the most trusted information.

2. Provide access to relevant subject matter experts.

3. Provide easier and faster access to the corporation.

Those priorities seem to show a clear preference for information originating outside of the company's marketing department, presumably from more trustworthy, unbiased sources. Does your website provide that access?

Read more about VoC research and how companies are implementing it in the November issue of Target Marketing.

New Book Release: Voice Of The Customer Marketing
"This is the definitive playbook for this new customer-driven era."
—Frank Eliason
Senior Director, National Customer Operations, Comcast
"Thank you, Ernan, for tuning us in to the inner voice of our customers! A deep understanding of our customers' needs and preferences is essential for our future growth."
—Karen Galley
President, Patient News Publishing