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OPT-IN MARKETINGOpt-In Marketing: Increase Sales Exponentially with Consensual Marketing

This is the first book about the Consensual Marketing Opt-In Process® (CMO). The book provides “how to” guidelines and checklist for implementing the breakthrough 7-Step Consensual Marketing Opt-In Process.

From junk mail blockers to do-not-call lists, potential buyers today are more interested in "opting out" than listening to marketers' messages. Opt-In Marketing offers a prescriptive plan for reversing this dangerous trend. This hard-hitting book is based on a program that increased sales at IBM by 80 percent in one year and features sidebars from industry luminaries and examples from Fortune 500 firms. It outlines a 10-point blueprint for rethinking customer care and is the perfect guide for marketers looking to once again be seen as partners instead of predators.
Read a sample chapter. ERNAN ROMAN DIRECT MARKETING ERNAN ROMAN DIRECT MARKETING ERNAN ROMAN DIRECT MARKETING INTEGRATED DIRECT MARKETINGIntegrated Direct Marketing: The Cutting Edge Strategy for Synchronizing Advertising, Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Field Sales

This book explains critical aspects of the battle-tested IDM process, including detailed results, financial analyses, and guidelines for how to implement IDM. The book is widely read in Fortune companies and is used as a textbook in MBA graduate courses.

Integrated Direct Marketing will help you increase sales...generate more qualified leads...build customer relationships...reduce marketing costs...enhance lifetime value. Ernan Roman has made it happen at many leading enterprises. It can happen at yours.

"The days of dominance by a single advertising medium—TV for the image-building and direct mail for the direct marketer—are over. Ernan Roman's seminal vision of media integration offers a clear path to new heights of marketing effectiveness."
—Stan Rapp
Chairman and CEO, McCann Relationship Marketing, Author of Maximarketing and Beyond Maximarketing.
"The integrated direct marketing process reminds us to contact customers and prospects on their terms, not ours. Customers want to be treated like individuals, not averages. Ernan Roman helps us realize that, with the right data, customer relationships can still be one-to-one without being face-to-face."
—J. Michael Lawrie
U.S. Vice President and Area General Manager, IBM Corporation
"The essential bootstrapper's guide to high-impact marketing. . . . If you're running an entrepreneurial company, buy this book, read it, make your management team read it, and begin implementing the ideas today."
—George Gendron
Editor-in-Chief, Inc. magazine

Read a sample chapter.

New Book Release: Voice Of The Customer Marketing
"Ernan Roman's 'Wisdom of the Customer' methodology has achieved unprecedented results for cutting-edge marketers! Read this before your competitors do."
—Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D
Peppers & Rogers Group
"Ernan Roman proves that engaging the Voice of the Customer is the only way to drive your company's growth. Even organizations that consider themselves 'customer-centric' will learn from this book."
—Erik Gershwind
Chief Operating Officer, MSC Industrial Direct