Achieve consistent double-digit increases in response rates and
revenue with ERDMís proven Voice of Customer methodology


The 3-Step Voice of Customer-Driven
Relationship Marketing Process

"Ernan Roman's book is essential reading for marketers. Applying the Voice of Customer guidelines will ensure program success for any marketing program. A tour de force...with pearls of wisdom for all marketers looking to significantly increase the effectiveness of their marketing. IBM's social marketing program, InfoBoom, has benefited greatly from the VoC approach. "
—Leslie Reiser
Program Director, WW Digital Marketing
IBM - General Business & BPO

"This book keeps the Golden Rule of Marketing at the core of everything: Listen to your customers. It sounds so simple, but it is an art that many marketers have lost in recent years."
—Eddie Yandle
Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation

"Finally, someone has found the answer for how to succeed with customer focused marketing. Ernan has pioneered an impressive Voice of Customer process that enables marketers to engage customers on their own terms."
—Philip Kotler
Kellogg School of Management


NBC Universal



Step 1. VoC Research

ERDM's Voice of Customer Research gives you unprecedented insight into your customer's expectations, preferences and aversions—critical information you can use to drive marketing and budget decisions with full assurance they'll increase revenue.

You'll learn what your customers really think about:

  • The quality and value of your product or service.
  • The quality of their experience on your web site.
  • The quality of their contacts with your customer service/inside sales personnel.
  • The true value and competitive differentiation of your product or service pricing and value.
  • What specific offers, delivered in what COMBINATION of media, they're most likely to respond to.

Step 2. Opt-in Preferences

VoC research reveals your customers' wants and needs in extraordinary detail. In Step 2, ERDM uses that intelligence to develop Opt-in Marketing strategies for achieving an unprecedented level of engagement with your customers.

As they opt-in, your customers self-profile their preferences, in the process providing you with the most accurate and powerful database possible.

You'll build a laser-accurate database that is UNOBTAINABLE any other way:

  • The VoC identifies what customers want and expect from you.
  • Opt-in programs use this information to attract customer participation - true opt-in, not passive "permission" to send another newsletter.
  • As they opt-in, customers profile themselves by giving you deeper information on their personal and professional preferences.
  • You learn exactly what your customers want, what offers they'll respond to, when and how they want to be contacted, and more.
  • This extraordinarily detailed intelligence becomes your highly targeted, 100% proprietary database!

Step 3. Multichannel Marketing

Integrated Multichannel Sales & Marketing enables you to know your customer's individual preferences and deliver the right offers to them via the right media mix. VoC-generated customer intelligence drives the creation of highly targeted value propositions customers want to opt into. Step 3 puts your customers' requirements and preferences into action.

E-mail, direct mail, and outbound phone calls are powerful selling tools OR inexcusable annoyances, depending on customer preferences. ERDM opt-in strategies succinctly identify your customers' media preferences and aversions. Guided by self-profiled customer preferences, you'll launch integrated marketing campaigns that will achieve consistent double-digit responses:

  • Your self-profiled database tells you exactly what to market to whom, when, and via what mix of media.
  • Your marketing becomes far more relevant and targeted.
  • Your web site becomes far more than a transactional venue for purchase. Instead it becomes a destination for and point of connection with customers who've opted in.